Sonic Mania Plus (Nintendo Switch, 2018) - Used just once

Sonic Mania Plus (Nintendo Switch, 2018) - Used just once

Sonic Mania Plus (Nintendo Switch, 2018) - Used just once

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Louisville, Kentucky
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Up for auction are more parts of my gaming collection. Here you have the game Sonic Mania Plus for the Nintendo Switch. I bought this when it came out eating annoyingly into the hype it was classic Sonic. I could not get into it, so I only played it once for an hour or two and shelved it since. The game, box, booklet, larger cardboard sleeve around them are all as they were when I took the wrapper off. Please see the supplied image to get a good look at the condition. Most of what I list is part of my personal collection. I still will clean what I can inside and out of each game as I have the right tools. I will be shipping this to the winner in a bubble bag to keep it safe. Usually I ship within a day, but sometimes two. Questions, ask before bidding. Thanks. USPS grossly raised shipping rates January 2019 up 12% with zone pricing on first class. Parcel post/priority are up too, my flat rate shipping has gone up accordingly - Sorry.