GenuTrain P3 Knee Support Size 6 Right Titanium

GenuTrain P3 Knee Support Size 6 Right   Titanium

GenuTrain P3 Knee Support Size 6 Right Titanium

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GenuTrain P3 Knee Support Size 6 Right Titanium PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Size 6 right knee * Circum. 6 below knee: 17 - 18-1/8 * Circum. 6.75 above knee: 21-1/4 - 22-1/2 * Relieves pain and swelling caused by misalignment of the kneecap (patellar lateralization) femoropatellar pain syndrome (anterior knee pain) or pain associated with patellar tip syndrome * Two integral pressure cushions (pads) and a corrective guide stabilize the position of the kneecap and activate the musculature thereby accelerating the healing process * Breathable knit for high wearing comfort * Together with a corrective guide the integral ring-shaped pad prevents any drifting while a second wedge-shaped pad also acts to relieve both pressure and pain * GenuTrain P3 exerts intermittent compression thereby accelerating the reabsorption of edema and effusions * The sense of security during load-bearing is improved and muscular stabilization is achieved for the joint in addition to increased proprioception * Ideal for use in sports. It shortens the regeneration period and enables training to be resumed more quickly * Extra stretchy knit with a softer zone behind the knee reduced pressure at the edges breathable materials and an anatomically contoured shape * The skin is kept pleasantly cool and nothing digs in * Indications: Femoropatellar pain syndrome (chondropathy chondromalacia) Patellar lateralization (dislocation tendency) After lateral release surgery: Osteoarthritis of the knee * Color: Titanium Gray ? Copyright . All rights reserved.