Fenton Thumbprint Swung Glass Goblet - Colonial Blue - 7.5 inches

Fenton Thumbprint Swung Glass Goblet - Colonial Blue -  7.5 inches

Fenton Thumbprint Swung Glass Goblet - Colonial Blue - 7.5 inches

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Edmore, Michigan
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Colonial Blue
Type of Glass
Object Type
Wine Glass
Mid-Century Modern

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Exquisite! Fenton Thumbprint Swung Glass Goblet Vase I believe the item is Fenton, but there are no identifying markings Height 7.5 inches at tallest point.See photos for best description of this skillfully and beautifully formed item! Shipping via USPS Priority MailHandling time is 3 business days, but I make every attempt to ship sooner. Any descriptions or titles are based on the best information I could obtain from the internet, other ebay listings, and/or reference books. I am not a dealer or an expert on any of the items I am listing, and cannot attest to the authenticity of any piece. My listings consist entirely of estate found items, and any item labels or packaging described in the listing are as I found them. I will be happy to post additional photos or answer any questions. Please refer to the photos and use your best judgment when bidding!!! PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK....Sadly about half of my buyers have failed to leave me feedback, even though I've provided feedback on 100% of my paid sales. Because of this, I have decided to start giving positive feedback only AFTER receiving the same from you. I really do appreciate the feedback, as it helps me to provide better service in addition to providing useful information to potential buyers. I appreciate your business! Please visit my Ebay store for glassware other unique vintage items.