Airsoft Lot

Airsoft Lot

Airsoft Lot

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Người bán: malozo_64 (2 đánh giá)

Sản phẩm sẽ giao đến địa chỉ quý khách vào khoảng ngày 19-12-2021 đến 29-12-2021 nếu quý khách thanh toán trong hôm nay
Miễn phí giao hàng trên toàn quốc
Giao hàng tận nhà, không lo thủ tục
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Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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4,147,200 đ
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HOTLINE: 1900 58 58 52

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Giới thiệu

Hello, I have ALOT of Airsoft gear and a few guns for sale. It all comes together unless you offer a higher price for things separated. Alas, I am willing negotiate the price. Starting off with Guns: 1. The Famas is a spring gun, honestly just throwing it in there because I haven’t touched it in years. It’s fun to mess around with and probably only costs $1 at this point LOL. You can throw it away or I can if you don’t want it. 2. CO2 Revolver, I’ve had some fun memories and laughs with this gun. Never broke and it truly is one of the most fun and reliable guns I’ve owned. It has 11 bullets which each holds one bb. It’s worth about $50 used if bought separately. It is a VERY reliable back up, shoots an exact 320 FPS and when you get someone with it, you’ll always get complimented. It comes with a hip holster and speed loader 3. Knife. Isn’t really a gun but hooks on to your waist or on some guns, pretty fun to use and will get you lots of high fives and an occasional rage or two when you get someone out. Gear: 1. Pouches, all pouches fit on plate carrier, there are 2, 4 mag holding pouches, one that holds 2, and a center pouch where you can put miscellaneous stuff. Also one dump pouch which is very comfy and haven’t lost a thing out of it in the 4 years I’ve had it. 2. Plate carrier is a large, it can be adjusted based on size of your stomach. I’m 5’11” and about 170 and it fits me well. It protects you well and lots of space to put pouches on. 3. Goggles are a bit scratched and they have an extra band. 4. Gloves are barely used, played 2 games but I didn’t like having gloves as I love the feel of the grip and trigger on my fingers. Miscellaneous: 1. Sling is good for most guns, front and back hook. 2. I have a battery and a charger that both work, I used to own a T M m4 and it would last a full day of playing. 3. 2 barrel blockers that hook on to your gun to stop you shooting out of the front. 4. Scope can zoom in, has a red Illuminator but haven’t put in a new battery in years as it also has a ring inside that you can aim with. 5. Flashlight is turned on with the press of a button on the end of the cord. It’s very bright and easy to use.. I used it on my rifle until I sold the gun. Easy to attach to anywhere on the gun and can bring the light turn on pad to anywhere that’s comfortable for you. THANKS FOR READING THIS AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN OFFER! All sales will be done through EBay and Shipping is on the buyer.