Active Haunted Vintage 20” Tall Patricia the Scorned Evil 1950’s Prom Date Doll

Active Haunted Vintage 20” Tall Patricia the Scorned Evil 1950’s Prom Date Doll

Active Haunted Vintage 20” Tall Patricia the Scorned Evil 1950’s Prom Date Doll

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This is one Odd Original Vintage Active Haunted EVIL 🦹‍♀️Scorned 1950’s Prom Date Doll. The doll stands 20” tall, she has curly matted Wraspy hair that could use a combing, she is missing one earring which apparently she claims to have lost it in the backseat of her former boyfriends 1958 Chevy, while fighting him off and eventually being murdered by her former prom date. Meet Patricia she has piercing blue evil eyes that will grasp your soul from the deepest darkest corner of your body and mind. She communicates thru telepathic visions and the mind thru speaking. Prior to listing her for sale simply because she is way too active of a haunted doll for my expertise or liking keeping me awake at night with her mind talking and constantly showing up where she should not be, last week I awoke to find her holding in her hand a very long Vintage Silverplated Kitchen knife. I was able to snap a few photos of her holding this strange knife which I have never ever seen in my life before. I have no clue what-so-ever how this knife even arrived to come into my home. In one of the pics I snapped it is super duper chilling and downright creepy, Patricia is staring back with her ice cold evil eyes in the reflection of the blade as she awaits her next victim to plunge the cold stainless steel blade into. Since I believe the knife is somehow connected to her murdering her date back in the 1950’s. The woman who sold me the doll was a medium in upstate New York and she has said that Patricia was a somewhat popular 18 year old high school senior in her upstate NY highschool. She had never before had a boyfriend and always had a almost stalking type of crush on the starting center for the schools basketball team, Jared. However Jared didn’t even know Patricia existed until one evening after using her Ouija board to summon spirits, Patricia asked them to help her go to the prom with Jared. The next day the spirits told Patricia Jared would ask her to the prom at lunch however she had to promise her soul to the spirit, whom really was not even a spirit but a evil soul snatching demon. Sure enough just as the Spirit said at lunch in front of the whole school Jared asked Patricia not only to prom but to go steady with him. It was as if Jared was under some sort of hypnosis or spell. At prom Jared and Patricia were necking in the back of his 1958 Chevy, when Jared kept pushing Patricia to do more than just make out, a struggle ensued as Jared started to tear the dress and Patricia lost one of her favorite earrings in Jared’s backseat. During the struggle Jared was stabbed and killed by Patricia. She fled the scene with the murder weapon, a note found at Patricia’s house said she was going to the cliff’s to end her life. When the search party went to the seaside cliff a scent of death hung low in the air, there at the edge of the cliff laid Patricia’s beloved 20” twin doll her mother had created for her when she was young, the odd thing the woman said was until Patricia’s supposed death the doll changed age every year just like Patricia. Police searched the cliffs and the ocean and Patricia was never seen or heard from again. The doll collector believes that Patricia did indeed Kill herself that evening by jumping off the cliff, however the deal she made with the devil/demon/spirit to go to the prom with Jared put her soul into the doll. She is trapped inside still hoping Jared asks her to the prom, I am unsure if she is fully aware that she killed Jared. She seems to never like to be away from her precious knife. We believe this Doll is haunted by the spirit of Patricia a lonesome girl who sought help from demons to win over a mans love. I suggest you know how to deal with evil entity’s before purchasing this Doll. Any questions please message me. FREE shipping anywhere in the USA - I only accept PayPal for payments ***I will not be held responsible for anything this Doll May or may not do, Item is being sold for entertainment purposes only *****