AC-L200 Adapter Charger for SONY Handycam HDR-CX110/L HDR-CX110/R HDR-CX110E

AC-L200 Adapter Charger for SONY Handycam HDR-CX110/L HDR-CX110/R   HDR-CX110E

AC-L200 Adapter Charger for SONY Handycam HDR-CX110/L HDR-CX110/R HDR-CX110E

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Shenzhen, GD
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AC/WALL Power Adapter
To Fit
Compatible Brand
For Sony
Input Voltage
110V-240V AC
DC 8.4V 1.5A
Does Not Apply

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Specification Shipping Payment Warranty After Service Communication AC Power Adaptor Charger Cord for SONY AC-L200, AC-L200B, AC-L200C, AC-L200D, AC-L200F, AC-L200P Specification Input: 100-240V Output: 8.4V 1.5A Color: Black Frequency: 50/60 Hz Weight: 220 g Condition: New Warranty: 1 year With built in safety features. Short circuit protection. Overload protection. stabilized voltage supply design proposal:IC+MOS,with over-current protection,very stable AC adapter comes with AC to wall power cord. Our adapters are "switchable" which means you can use them on a normal 110 volt outlet, like in the US, or even outlets rated up to 220 volts like in European countries! So no need to purchase a new adapter when you're traveling outside of the US, if you purchase this adapter! Imagine the freedom of being able to power your device anywhere there is a wall outlet. This is the standard charger and power source for the device. The adapter is designed to charge the battery in your machine and supply uninterrupted power for your device while downloading pictures to your computer, for extended work in a studio, or while viewing images while connected to your TV or VCR. Please ensure the product that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part numbers of your device. Please ensure the shape and size of DC plug that you are going to buy is the same as your device. Please check DC jack of your device.If your device have DC jack and our DC plug is the same for your DC plug,then the product that you are going to buy fits your device. Some device isn`t connected with adapter ,because that haven`t DC jack. Device is connected with adapter by device dock.If you device belong to the device,please ensure you have device dock.Our packge aren`t include dock. Please check your device manual for the correct part number.The manul will also tell you.If your device will charge the batteries in the device using an AC adapter.Some models will won`t charge batteries internaly. International buyers will be sent a FREE adapter converter so you can plug into your mains. Replacement for adapter: SONY AC-L20, AC-L20A, AC-L25, AC-L25A, AC-L25B, AC-L25C, AC-L200, AC-L200B, AC-L200C, AC-L200D, AC-L200F, AC-L200P Compatible With Digital Models: SONY Handycam DCR-PC1000 DCR-PC1000E DCR-PC106 DCR-PC106E DCR-PC107 DCR-PC107E DCR-PC108E DCR-PC109 DCR-PC109E DCR-PC350 DCR-PC350E DCR-PC53E DCR-PC55 DCR-PC55/B DCR-PC55/R DCR-PC55/S DCR-PC55/W DCR-PC55E SONY Handycam DCR-SR100 DCR-SR100E DCR-SR10D DCR-SR15 DCR-SR15E DCR-SR190E DCR-SR20 DCR-SR200 DCR-SR200C DCR-SR200E DCR-SR20E DCR-SR210E DCR-SR220 DCR-SR220D DCR-SR220E DCR-SR290E DCR-SR300 DCR-SR300C DCR-SR30E DCR-SR32E DCR-SR33E DCR-SR35E DCR-SR36E DCR-SR37E DCR-SR38E DCR-SR40 DCR-SR40E DCR-SR42 DCR-SR42A DCR-SR42E DCR-SR45 DCR-SR45E DCR-SR46 DCR-SR46BDL DCR-SR46E DCR-SR47 DCR-SR47/L DCR-SR47/R DCR-SR47E DCR-SR48E DCR-SR5 DCR-SR50 DCR-SR50E DCR-SR52E DCR-SR55E DCR-SR57E DCR-SR58E DCR-SR5C DCR-SR60 DCR-SR60E DCR-SR62 DCR-SR62E DCR-SR65 DCR-SR65E DCR-SR67 DCR-SR67E DCR-SR68 DCR-SR68/L DCR-SR68/R DCR-SR68/S DCR-SR68E DCR-SR68E/S DCR-SR7 DCR-SR70E DCR-SR72E DCR-SR75E DCR-SR77E DCR-SR78E DCR-SR8 DCR-SR80 DCR-SR80E DCR-SR82 DCR-SR82C DCR-SR82E DCR-SR85 DCR-SR85E DCR-SR87 DCR-SR87E DCR-SR88 DCR-SR88E DCR-SR90E SONY Handycam DCR-SX15 DCR-SX15E DCR-SX20 DCR-SX20E DCR-SX20EK DCR-SX33E DCR-SX34E DCR-SX40 DCR-SX40/L DCR-SX40/R DCR-SX40E DCR-SX41 DCR-SX41/L DCR-SX41/R DCR-SX43E DCR-SX44 DCR-SX44/L DCR-SX44/R DCR-SX44/S DCR-SX44E DCR-SX44R DCR-SX45 DCR-SX45/B DCR-SX45/L DCR-SX45/S DCR-SX45E DCR-SX53E DCR-SX60 DCR-SX60E DCR-SX63 DCR-SX63E DCR-SX65 DCR-SX65/B DCR-SX65/L DCR-SX65/R DCR-SX65/S DCR-SX65E DCR-SX83 DCR-SX85 DCR-SX85/B DCR-SX85/S DCR-SX85E SONY Handycam DCR-UX5 DCR-UX7 SONY Handycam HDR-CX100 HDR-CX100/B HDR-CX100/R HDR-CX100E HDR-CX110 HDR-CX110/B HDR-CX110/L HDR-CX110/R HDR-CX110E HDR-CX110L HDR-CX110R HDR-CX115 HDR-CX115E HDR-CX116 HDR-CX116E HDR-CX11E HDR-CX12 HDR-CX120 HDR-CX12E HDR-CX130 HDR-CX130/B HDR-CX130/L HDR-CX130/S HDR-CX130E HDR-CX150 HDR-CX150/LI5 HDR-CX150/R HDR-CX150E HDR-CX155E HDR-CX160 HDR-CX160/B HDR-CX160/LI HDR-CX160E HDR-CX190 HDR-CX190/B HDR-CX200 HDR-CX200/B HDR-CX210 HDR-CX210/B HDR-CX210/L HDR-CX210/R HDR-CX210/S HDR-CX220 HDR-CX220/B HDR-CX220/L HDR-CX220/R HDR-CX220/S HDR-CX230 HDR-CX230/B HDR-CX260V HDR-CX260V/B HDR-CX260V/LI HDR-CX260V/T HDR-CX260V/W HDR-CX290 HDR-CX290/B HDR-CX290/LI HDR-CX300 HDR-CX300E HDR-CX305 HDR-CX305E HDR-CX350 HDR-CX350E HDR-CX350V HDR-CX350VE HDR-CX350VET HDR-CX360 HDR-CX360E HDR-CX360V HDR-CX370 HDR-CX370E HDR-CX370S HDR-CX370T HDR-CX380 HDR-CX380/B HDR-CX430V HDR-CX500 HDR-CX500E HDR-CX500V HDR-CX505 HDR-CX505E HDR-CX505VE HDR-CX520 HDR-CX520E HDR-CX520V HDR-CX520VE HDR-CX550V HDR-CX560V HDR-CX580V HDR-CX6 HDR-CX6EK HDR-CX7 HDR-CX700 HDR-CX700E HDR-CX700V HDR-CX760V HDR-CX7E SONY Handycam HDR-HC3 HDR-HC3E HDR-HC3HK1 HDR-HC5 HDR-HC5E HDR-HC7 HDR-HC7E HDR-HC9 HDR-HC9E SONY Handycam HDR-PJ10 HDR-PJ10E HDR-PJ200 HDR-PJ200/B HDR-PJ200/S HDR-PJ230 HDR-PJ230/B HDR-PJ260V HDR-PJ30 HDR-PJ30E HDR-PJ30V HDR-PJ380 HDR-PJ380/B HDR-PJ380/R HDR-PJ380/W HDR-PJ430V HDR-PJ50 HDR-PJ50E HDR-PJ50V HDR-PJ580V HDR-PJ650V HDR-PJ710V HDR-PJ760V HDR-PJ790V SONY Handycam HDR-SR10 HDR-SR10D HDR-SR10E HDR-SR11 HDR-SR11E HDR-SR12 HDR-SR12E HDR-SR5 HDR-SR5/C HDR-SR5E HDR-SR7 HDR-SR7E HDR-SR8 HDR-SR8E SONY Handycam HDR-TD10 HDR-TD20V HDR-TD30V HDR-TG1 HDR-TG1/E HDR-TG1E HDR-TG3 HDR-TG3E HDR-TG5 HDR-TG5E HDR-TG5V HDR-TG5VE HDR-TG7 HDR-TG7E HDR-TG7V HDR-TG7VE SONY Handycam HDR-UX1 HDR-UX10 HDR-UX10E HDR-UX19E HDR-UX20 HDR-UX20E HDR-UX3E HDR-UX5 HDR-UX5E HDR-UX7 HDR-UX7E HDR-UX9E SONY Handycam HDR-XR100 HDR-XR100E HDR-XR105 HDR-XR105E HDR-XR106 HDR-XR106E HDR-XR150 HDR-XR150E HDR-XR155 HDR-XR155E HDR-XR160 HDR-XR160E HDR-XR200 HDR-XR200E HDR-XR200V HDR-XR200VE HDR-XR260V HDR-XR350 HDR-XR350E HDR-XR350V HDR-XR350VE HDR-XR500E HDR-XR500V HDR-XR520E HDR-XR520V HDR-XR550 HDR-XR550E HDR-XR550V HDR-XR550VE SONY NEX-VG10 NEX-VG20 NEX-VG20H NEX-VG30 NEX-VG30H NEX-VG900 Shipping Our shipping rates include the cost of shipping, handling, packaging and related manpower costs. We offer various modes of shipping. Please choose according to your needs. Combine shipment is available! Items are generally shipped out the next business day after your payment has been verified (Sat. & Sun. excluded). Customers out of America are recommended to contact us for postage cost before placing an order. We are not responsible for undeliverable address. We reserve the right to charge the shipping fee again for returned items due to wrong address. Sorry local pickup is not available. Payment All auction items must be paid in full (including shipping & handling fees). We will only accept PayPal and ship to PayPal's address only. We are not responsible for custom duties and related taxes. Buyers will receive the transaction notification from eBay within 24 hours. We reserve the rights to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay us or contact us for payment within 7 business days after auction end. After Service This product has a one-year warranty. 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